Military Robots: Killing Without Feeling

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A trend in the United States’ wars have been coming about. The use of military robots to shoot, bomb, disarm and burn the enemy has been used constantly throughout the war in Iraq. Even more disturbing are the high rates in civilian deaths because of these robots, particularly predator drones.

To the left the TALON SWORDS - This is equipt with an M16 rifle, 5.56 mm SAW M249, 7.62 mm M240 machine gun, .50 cal M82 Barrett rifle, a six barreled 40 mm grenade launcher or quad 66 mm M202A1 FLASH incendiary weapon... basically it can kill a lot of people.

Monitoring locations has less risk when soldiers aren’t involved at all. This isn’t only because there’s less risk to soldier’s lives but legally there are certain boundaries that can be crossed via the use of predator drones. Using an unmanned aircraft in a flying zone that bombs areas doesn’t make the act illegal from country regulations.

No worries! This predator missile is all good! It's not at all under regulations!

Not only that but the military does not control these predator drones! The CIA controls the predator drones while the United States vehemently deny that these predator drones even exist!

Disgustingly enough predator drones are a hot item in weapon and black market sales. While the United States oversteps boundaries there’s no mistake that other countries can and will do the same! This might spell a grim future for the United States if a power like China goes against them. Bombing an area with the same ruthlessness Americans have done before.

Ruthlessness indeed. How can anyone feel while bombing behind a screen?

There’s also a big social problem of soldiers being disconnected from who they’re killing. Many predator drone pilots describe the feeling that they’re playing a video game after bombing a whole area of enemies and possibly civilians. Interestingly enough, while this might be true the highest rate of PTSD is found in robot controllers.

That fact was described by P.W. Singer on TEDTalks. Singer described soldiers having shot missiles from their cubical to come home after their shift has ended. Sickeningly it’s becoming normality for these soldiers.

Aljazeera has done an interesting report on the “robot wars” so to speak…

The development of war is never a good thing. What’s worse is creating a disconnected, calculating society that has no regard for human lives. As technology progresses we will naturally find ways to try and kill each other with them. This will certainly not stop… we can only pray that these things will not one day be pointed at us.

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