The Bahai Faith, Religion of the New World Order

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The Bahai “faith” is a growing religion that isn’t heard of too often, they had about 7.4 million global members in mid-2002 according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Basically what Bahaism teaches is that Jesus, Abrahim, Buddha, and Mohammad were messengers of God with their prophet Bahaullah.

Now while these teachings might offend Muslims, Jews, Christians and Buddhists alike that really isn’t our concern, what does concern us are the religious tenants Bahais must follow.

Bahais believe that the creation of a New World Order is a means of building a utilitarian society rather than a dictatorship. As a matter a fact they believe that they should not participate in any government army instead they should only participate in an army that enforces a World Government.

What’s also interesting is that in order to become a Bahai the new member must obtain a letter of approval from the World Center in Haifa, Israel. To get this letter of approval your name, blood type, address, marriage status, and a hoard of other information.

The Bahai Garden, in Israel of all places...

Then you get your Bahai ID which holds all the submitted information along with a barcode or in some cases an RFID chip that can make this information easily accessible. The Bahai’s goal of the is to have all people equipped with these cards be it a Bahai ID or just a regular ID that holds all the information necessary. Can anyone say Real ID Act?

All of a Bahai's information on one card.

The funny thing about Bahaism is that it doesn’t promote aggression unless it protects or furthers the agenda of a unified government. Bahai’s must completely submit themselves to the New World government that will one day be established.

In Kitab-i-Aqdas considered a holy book by Bahai’s Bahaullah states,

The world’s equilibrium hath been upset through the vibrating influence of this most great, this new World Order. Mankind’s ordered life hath been revolutionized through the agency of this unique, this wondrous System – the like of which mortal eyes have never witnessed.”

Bahaullah clearly says that the main goal is to create a New World Order “of which mortal eyes have never witnessed” disturbingly enforcing the Bahai’s belief and enforcement within the NWO.

Defining the New World government is just described by the Bahai’s as the New World Order usually is. A unification of religion, government, police forces, language, laws and the”elimination” of class differences. An basically an over glorified crock of utilitarian crap that violates human rights, consumes everyone into a unified police enforced state and allows only the rich to benefit from.

Like most other organizations associated with the New World Order the Bahai religion is shrouded in secrecy. The documentary Bahai’s In My Backyard constantly tells stories of an underground city under the Bahai Garden.

Although there are more concerning and immediate conspiracies surrounding the world it seems as though the Bahai’s are taking the slow and steady transition of power. If unmonitored they could take power more immediately then perhaps their goal of creating a New World Order will come true… like they watch us, we will be watching them.

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  1. Jaberi says:

    In my humble opinion, this article is very superficially written. The author need to research more. The Baha’is are a grave danger to the world civilization. This is a cult and it is only Iranians and Israelis who are aware of this danger. In the whole world it is only Iran and Israel that do not allow the Baha’is to teach in their countries. The reasons may be different but that fact is that both are aware of this cult.

    please refer these blogs

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hmm I suppose I should have gone into more detail on that, I wrote this assuming that the readers wouldn’t know who the Bahais are. I agree with you that the Bahai are a great threat to world civilization; however, saying Israel doesn’t allow teachings in their countries is a bit ridiculous when the Bahai’s World Center is stationed in Israel.

      Thanks for the feedback though :)

  2. george says:

    It’s a cult. It’s goal is to collect money from the poor and the ignorant, and send it to the people on top, in the middle east.

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  3. Anne says:

    Hey they’re here in America. There does need to be more research but somebody better step up on it fast.

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  4. [...] The Bahai Faith, Religion of the New World Order [...]

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