HAARP, Tesla and Mechanical Resonance

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HAARP or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has been in the center of attention after the waves of earthquakes Japan had experienced. But many skeptics have raised many questions on the theory of HAARP controlling these earthquakes. How can mere antennas have the power to cause catastrophe in a global scale? What do frequencies have to do with causing an earthquake?

Well first things first, we must introduce the man who started it all, Nikola Tesla. A genius whose knowledge and contributions have surpassed those of Albert Einstein. The inventor of alternative current and engineer who created countless inventions that are used today.

Nikola Tesla inventor and scientist of many fields of study.

Tesla’s inventions included a Death Particle beam that was supposed to bring down military airplanes all around the world, the Tesla coil which transmits high voltages through the air and can be used to transmit wireless energy, then an earthquake machine that used mechanical resonance to almost bring down his New York apartment!

What is mechanical resonance you ask? What is an earthquake machine even made of? Well building an earthquake machine is surprisingly simple, so simple that MythBusters attempted to recreate Tesla’s earthquake machine. Tesla was testing a mechanical oscillator in his apartment. A mechanical oscillator is simply responsible for making a certain frequency through moving up and down on a certain object.

In physics there’s something called resonance frequency, resonance frequency is the natural frequency of an object. Since atoms are never solid and no object is solid every object has stores some sort of vibrational energy. Finding this vibrational energy through a frequency then sending this back to the object will cause it to destabilized then fall apart. This is known as mechanical resonance.


Mechanical Resonance at Work

Granted breaking a wine glass is much easier than making an earthquake but the concept remains the same. Measure the frequency of something, send the frequency back and watch it vibrate then fall apart. To put things into a larger scale the Tacoma Narrows Bridge has been another proof of the power that mechanical resonance holds.

Due to winds traveling at the same frequency as the bridge’s resonance frequency the bridge wobbled then collapsed. This was a disturbing example of the power that mechanical resonance holds.


Tacoma Narrows Bridge Wobbling then Collapsing

So now the question remains, what is the connection between HAARP and Tesla’s mechanical resonance? HAARP again stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, the little information that the United States government has released does state that HAARP is used for sending “low frequencies into the ionosphere.”

Well from what we’ve learned about mechanical resonance we know that all matter has a set frequency so what about the earth’s frequency? Although the first documented measurements of the earth’s electromagnetic resonance was researched by none other than Nikola Tesla another scientist Winfried Otto Schumann studied the earth’s natural electromagnetic resonance and found it did exist. The earth’s resonance frequency was thus called Schumann resonance.


Schumann Resonance shown within the ionosphere.

So what is Schumann resonance used for? It’s used to predict times when earthquakes may strike, global temperature, where lightening storms may be, water vapor amounts and other measurements of “natural occurrences.” Now if the government can using HAARP send a certain frequency to the ionosphere aimed a certain area knowing the earth’s natural resonance frequency through Schumann resonance and through using HAARP to send that frequency back to a certain part of the earth why couldn’t that cause an earthquake?

Tesla had predicted this through his research. That the earth may be controlled through frequency, as a matter a fact Tesla believed that all things could be controlled through frequencies. Due to Tesla knowing his research was dangerous he hid his research from the eyes of governments despite their interest in many of his inventions.

Unfortunately Tesla died alone in his New York apartment at the age of 86. When he died the United States government gained possession of Tesla’s belongings including his research and till this day refuses to release some of these documents to the public. These documents undoubtedly contain research on mechanical resonance and the earth’s natural resonance.

The power of God is in their hands. The ability to summon thunderstorms or earthquakes making countries to fall to their knees. This is the New Age of super weaponry… lets hope it doesn’t get pointed at any country any time soon, but it most likely will be.

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