Holograms in the Sky Caused by Project BlueBeam

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There are many definitions of what Project Blue Beam is. If you go to Rational Wiki they list Project Blue Beam as a series of steps that lead up to using Project Blue Beam’s hologram technology, other websites say that the hologram technology will be used once the United States citizens are about to revolt.

Project Blue Beam has become a theory embodied with many other theories and speculations. Since there’s no solid definition of what Project Blue Beam entails the theory has often been dismissed.

One thing does remain the same within all of the theories, NASA has developed the technology for satellites to project a moving images into the sky and these images are used to confuse people into believing they’ve seen an apparitions and/or UFOs.

The Virgin Mary's supposed apparition in Africa, there are multiple YouTube videos on this event.

The technology behind Project Blue Beam is very real. As the YouTube video below will show the holograms are very clear and detailed! This technology uses only a few projectors and a computer with some software that controls these projections.

Project Blue Beam technology in action. Remarkable…

The increase in UFO and other sky related sightings have also been significant. The Norway Lights as well as the Moscow sky circle are great examples of the rise in sudden UFO sightings. What is particularly interesting about the Norway Lights is within all the images there seems to be a beam coming from the ground on a hill towards the sky.


Notice how there seems to be a projection from the hill. Strange...

This beam from the hill can only however be seen in high resolution cameras and video footage. Could it be that the Norway Lights was a Project Blue Beam hologram projected from the ground?

At any rate, Project Blue Beam does seem to be in effect. Increased sightings of strange apparitions and UFOs correlating with the growth in sophisticated hologram technology. This is a coincidence that is all too coincidental to overlook.

So remember when you see some demon in the sky and start thinking that the apocalypse has finally arrived. Remember the illusions are in the sky and how these global governments can use them to cause global fear, confusion and chaos.

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  1. Still Just 16 says:

    Great article once again. Keep up the good work :)

    Well-loved. Thumb up 8

  2. HMD says:

    Thanks for posting this. We need to know that our senses are going to be messed with and that they can be, so easily!

    Well-loved. Thumb up 7

  3. Earle Moreland says:

    Very interesting article…especially the hologram demo. I never knew holograms could be so realistic. My only disagreement is with your conclusion, i.e., that governments would use these to cause “global fear, confusion and chaos”. For what purpose? It is generally any government’s objective to keep people in a governable condition. That’s the primary point of government and it’s why dictators do some of the cruel things they do. So, deliberately creating chaos would seem to be counterproductive. On the other hand, holograms might be used for deception, perhaps in order to disguise some other activity that the government might want to remain secret.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 6

    • jay says:

      The US govt along with Europe & the other corrupt nations may use holograms to make the people believe in the coming of Christ. Did u know that HAARP can be used as a weapon of mass destruction? This govt can cause tsunamis, earthquakes, droughts, etc? Poor Indonesia, Haiti, & American farmers. I believe its population control.

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  4. Theron.E says:

    well to be honest this outrages me and makes me distrust government even more we need less government fear tactics to scare us into slavery this is B.S we cant let them do this to us we are the many they are the few we out number them they cant kill us all

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  5. retroscope says:

    The things shown in the video are not holograms, the video has just been reposted under a misleading title.
    This is a form of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augmented_reality which requires the video image to be processed by a computer and displayed on a screen. You can get programs that do this e.g. for an iPhone/Smartphone. You cannot see this with your bare eyes and there are no projectors used at all.

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  6. slicer4ever says:

    per retroscope’s post, the video even mentions augmented reality(although very briefly in the opening), holograms are no where near, or close to being that advanced. If it’s even theoretically possible to produce full colored holograms is up for debate.

    In short, actually watch the stuff you claim is proof.

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  7. SomeoneWithABrain says:

    I don’t believe that the government would do this. The government was meant to help our country, not to play jokes on us constantly. In my opinion, the Project BluBeam is very fake.

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  8. Rich says:

    The technology they are showing is no where near what they can really do. Look at you tube. The UFO Hologram in Isreal. They also have a you tube of a monster about 30 storys high coming out of the water. There is can make you think about 9-11 and what they can do with holograms. There is talk that they used it Muslim terror suspects. They bring the hologram of Allah which would appear like a ghost and convince the man that Allah wants them to tell the CIA everything. Makes sense. IF Something came in my room at night . I WOULD BELIVE IT!!! these are very spirtual people and you could see how it would happen.

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  9. Amanda says:

    Could Project Blue Beam be related to what Cris Putnam talks about in his interview? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDHBjo53S0Y

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  10. [...] it’s time to show it to all the new folks!  For those of you who have never heard of Project Bluebeam, it might come in handy in the near future to know what they are capable of doing.  (Good video in [...]

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